Dr. Pettigrew is a fully qualified dentist and Periodontist licensed in the province of Alberta. He has 35 years of dental practice experience and has been a Periodontal Specialist since 1976.  He is also a part-time clinical professor in the department of Periodontics at the University of Alberta, having taught Periodontal therapy, including the management of TMJ Dysfunction, since 1978.  Dr. Pettigrew has been qualified in the Court of Queen’s Bench as an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Temporomandibular Dysfunction, as well as, an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Periodontal Disease.

Dr. Pettigrew completed his undergraduate training at the University of Toronto in 1968 and from then until 1973 was a dental officer with the Canadian Forces dental services.  In 1973, he returned to the University of Toronto and completed a combined Periodontal - Ph. D. Specialty program in 1978. His thesis was on the regulation of collagenolytic enzymes in Periodontal tissues.

From 1978 to 1980, Dr. Pettigrew was Associate Professor of Periodontics at the University of Alberta and in 1980 commenced private practice of Periodontics in Edmonton, continuing to teach part-time.  His practice today involves both Periodontics and the treatment of Temporomandibular Dysfunction (particularly post-MVA with cervical whiplash).

Dr. Pettigrew has been active in dental politics, serving on the Board of Directors of the Alberta Dental Association (ADA) for eight years, where he also held the offices of Vice-President and President-Elect.  He has served on numerous committees for the ADA and co-authored the Radiation Protection Safety Manual for Dentists in Alberta.  Dr. Pettigrew is also the Mentor of the Edmonton Society for Periodontal Studies, and the Mentor of the Edmonton Multidisciplinary Association for the Study of Cranio-Cervical Pain.